Website Designs

Our websites are designed individually to suit the needs of our clients' business or specifications. We do not use standard templates that give your site the appearance of every other site on the web. Rather, each site is created only after we have a thorough understanding of your business style, products / services offered, and goals, etc. Take a look at some of our clients' websites and see what you think.

International Webhosting

After your site is designed using a series of HTML coding, java scripts, cgi-scripts, images, and other files, your site needs a home on the internet ... a web server where your website files are uploaded and stored so they can be accessed (viewed) by others. We provide this web space whereby your site is internationally hosted (persons from around the globe can view it). Hosting with WEVOLUTIONS definitely has it's advantages. We don't just rent you web space like other hosting firms. We also maintain, update, and register your website with the major search engines so people can find you at any time.

As our client, you have us to depend on for every aspect of the website we design for you.

Domain Name Registrations

A domain name is a unique website address whereby persons can go directly to your website just by entering it in the address bar of the browser. A domain name usually ends in .com, example Registration of domain names are done on a yearly basis and can be renewed every year depending on the period of registration. All you need to do is supply us with the desired domain name and we handle all the necessary InterNIC registrations for you.

If you're considering securing your own Domain Name, it is important to apply early in the website creation process to assure that you have the best chance of nailing down the Name you desire. We will supply you with the necessary DNS information prior to registration if you decide to do it yourself.

Personalized Email Addresses

Once we have registered your new Domain Name and "pointed" it to your new IP Address, we can then issue Email Addresses associated with your Domain Name, example: Additionally, your Personalized Email Address can be forwarded to any other Email Address you like and we'll change the forwarding address anytime you wish ... free of charge. This comes in handy if you ever change ISPs ... any email sent to your Personailzed Email Address can be re-directed to the email address associated with your new ISP.

Search Engine Submissions

Search Engines (eg. account for a major part of your website traffic. We submit your site to over 200 Search Engines every month to ensure your site remains 'fresh' in the listings. Please note that this option is not included in some of our packages.

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